The Event Dates for 2023 are December 1st through December 7th.  Tickets will be available at 6 AM on October 1st.  Use the 'Reservations' link below to make a reservation.

We want our guests to have the best experience possible and get the most from the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the manger. To this end and to keep things orderly and avoid chaos, we:

Limit each group to 40 people
Schedule guided trips every 15 minutes
In order to meet these we require a commitment and a reservation of a date and time slot. Reservations can be made at the Event Smart Reservations site starting October 1st, at 6 AM. We do require a $5 donation per guest as a commitment and to help cover the costs of production. On the ticket site, select the date from the Events Table, the Start Time, and the number of guests that will be in your group (from 1 to 40, or however many openings remain).  Enter your contact details then select a payment method.  There are two options: 
  • Select Stripe to use a debit or credit card (similar to Venmo or PayPal), or
  • Select Invoice.  This lets you mail in or bring cash/check when you register.  If you choose this option, please let us know at the contact number on the ticket site so that your reservations can be approved (and not abandoned).
If for any reason you cannot make your reservation, please let us know as soon as possible so that another may come in your place: what if a reserved and unused slot kept someone from coming who needed to know about Christ?

On Site

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time to allow for parking and registration.
When you arrive, come into the tent and go to the registration table so we can verify you are here.
There are chairs in a roped-off section in the tent for the group 'on deck'. When we call your group, please come into the tent and be ready for the guide.
When it is time to gather the tour group we will announce for the group, by time. We will do our best to announce it loudly and more than once, but it is your responsibility to be ready at your reserved time.
There is no smoking allowed on the grounds; that includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and e-cigarettes or any form of vaping. This is fire safety and as a courtesy to others.


Walk-Ins: As much as possible we strongly request reservations. We also understand that 'life happens', and we make every reasonable effort to allow walk-ins. When a time slot has openings, we will fill those openings (up to a total of 40 people) with walk-ins. We cannot guarantee a time slot for walk-ins until each tour time comes up.
Golf Carts: We understand that some of our guests are unable to walk the 3/4 mile path. In such cases we have golf carts available for certain tour groups each day on the hour (i.e., 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 8:00 PM), up to 8 people on carts per tour.  Be sure to request golf cart support when you reserve your tickets.